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5 Tips to Get Your Family Cleaning Together! Featured Image

5 Tips to Get Your Family Cleaning Together!

Kids don’t always like to clean. Why would they when they could be enjoying the spring air and the warmer weather? Did you know, though, that they could have it both ways?

At JUSTJUNK® we are always thinking of ways that everyone can improve their home decluttering process, and one of the best ways is to get the kids involved in ways that are engaging, productive and rewarding to their development and your time. So here we go, here are 5 tips for the whole family to get everyone involved in cleaning up that are fun and will make the process go so much faster. 

  1. Simple, Age-appropriate tasks. 

As young as eighteen months, children can begin doing small tasks on a regular basis. This won’t result in them taking out the garbage, but they will begin understanding the layout of your home and understanding that packaging for certain snacks and other items go in the garbage when they are done using them. 

Older children are more used to routine, able to do things like sweep, take out garbage, dust, etc. They may take a little longer, may be more complex and require a little more heavy lifting, but making sure that you assign them tasks that they’re capable of doing – with clear end goals – will give the more impatient kids an end in sight. 

  1. Stick to the Schedule

There may be a lot to do, and enough people to do it all in one day, but you don’t want to exhaust your family with a session of binge-cleaning. Make lists of what needs to be done, who can do it and when, and consult with your kids in this phase. Making them more involved in the planning process, giving them agency in the process, leads to less confrontational cleaning sessions and smoother operation. Sticking to a schedule that they helped make will give a stronger sense of accomplishment overall. It can be frustrating for anyone to complete all the tasks to then have more piled on top of them; but if you offer your kids an option and a benefit – like a trip to the movies or going out to their favourite restaurant – to breaking the schedule, you could finish up even faster! 

  1. Offer Rewards

It’s all well and good to see a clean space as a reward for all their hard work, but where we see a job well done, your kids may not. Instill a sense of accomplishment for the whole family with mini-rewards for each individual task, whether that be screen-time, out-doors time or a small family break for a treat between tasks. 

  1. Tailor The Chores to Your Kids

Has one of your kids shown a liking for certain chores? Tailoring the chores to your kids preferences not only gets the job done but can also give them the sense that they’re listened to and appreciated and create a great family environment for cleaning. Be attentive to their strengths and how they can make the process better, because it’s summer, and no one REALLY wants to be cleaning the whole time. 

  1. Pile Appropriately

You don’t want to pile all of the items randomly. Prepare a space that to put items that need to be donated or picked up by a junk removal service (like us at JUSTJUNK®!) that doesn’t invade their space so that between tasks they can retreat for a quick break and recharge in their own space without worry that they have to clean up after the cleanup!

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