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Illegal Dumping - How to Avoid It

Right now a story is making the rounds out of Bowmanville, Ontario. A group of friends had spotted a large group of garbage bags by the side of the road, dumped illegally. So, what did they do? They tore open the bags to find an address and returned the garbage to the original owner.

The local police, never fond of people taking the law into their own hands, urged a course of “report to the police” for the next time someone sees illegally dumped garbage in their city. That makes sense, however it’s clear that the Bowmanville residents took it to heart that their neighbourhood had been so inconsiderately trashed.

Local law enforcement does have the steps in place to tackle illegal dumping and in some cases, like in our startup franchise Niagara’s back yard, the region offers rewards to people who report illegal dumping – $50 for anyone who reports illegal dumping that leads to the offender returning to clean it up, or $200 in the case that their report of illegal dumping leads to a conviction. The fine for illegal dumping in the region starts at $500. Similar preventative and punitive measures for illegal dumping exist all over Canada and Its in no one’s interest to dump illegally. The potential environmental impact is high and so are the penalties for doing so. In 2013 our team in Kingston was called to a site to remove 750 illegally dumped tires that a company now had to pay to remove because someone else lacked the wherewithal to get rid of the tires themselves.

Though illegal dumping may seem like the easy answer when time and money aren’t available to properly dispose of your waste, it’s important not to overlook the environmental impact. The presence of hazardous materials isn’t regulated in each household and sometimes things that we don’t think of as hazardous, like batteries, aerosol cans, cleaners and chemicals, could easily get put into those garbage bags. Over time and unattended these items can do drastic damage to the environment, damaging the soil and thus harming agricultural resources, starting fires and entering public waterways and affecting the health of everyone. We take every step during our removals to ensure that this doesn’t happen, including a policy that we cannot take hazardous materials, and only recently have some cities been able to more regularly dispose of hazardous materials like those listed above more frequently.

Solutions to illegal dumping will vary based on where you live as some cities and provinces have different waste management procedures which can mitigate the need for illegal dumping so long as you’re able to wait until your weekly pickup.

But if you’re not able to wait, don’t want to, don’t trust the people posting on Kijiji or Craigslist, don’t have a friend with a pickup, you can always use a reliable service like ours (Click here to see local pricing 😉 ) to help with those unsightly leftovers and debris.

But don’t wait. Find the best option for you and make sure that you don’t illegally dump. That load off your shoulders will be put on everyone else.

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