Mummies and Creepy Dolls: Weather Network Unearths JUSTJUNK's 10 Weirdest Finds

It isn't Annabelle, but it might be a close relative. The doll above is one of a collection that Jeremy in Toronto found on one of his removals numbering in the hundreds. The doll, made in the late 1800s, used real human hair instead of caracul, mohair or synthetic. The doll's are creepy, though we don't suspect that they're haunted (you never know!)



Leeanna from The Weather Network met up with Jeremy early March, when the snow still blew, to talk about the craziest, weirdest, and downright insane amounts of things we've found.


Vast amounts of bottles and a disassembled puzzle-piece Harley Davidson Motorcycle were some of the highlights Jeremy mentioned but we've seen even crazier, from hundreds-of-years-old books to our won famous 'Bonesy' - a medical school human skeleton used for University anatomy lessons. 


See the video and read the full article at the Weather Network.




Some of the other items included a Bronze Krishna and a lot of stoves, which gives us an idea for a friendly reminder to clean your stoves once in a while -- it's easy to forget, we know ;)