Why are Canadian cities changing their garbage pickup rules? Featured Image

Why are Canadian cities changing their garbage pickup rules?

Did you know that Canada sends much of its garbage to China?

In 2013 and 2014 Canadians shipped nine million tonnes of their garbage to China. As of 2017, however, China has started to put harsh restrictions in place on what they would take and the conditions they would take our garbage in. If you don’t think this is a big deal, consider this: a globby smear of ketchup on a piece of newspaper may be enough for Chinese waste companies to say “no-way” to taking it. It’s strict impositions like that have led Nova Scotia to ban all plastics from entering their landfills.

Just some of the biggest cities currently facing these changes include:

  • Halifax, Nova Scotia, who is restructuring their current waste disposal contract.
  • Calgary, Alberta who since 2017 has been holding residents to strict sorting guidelines for disposal
  • Ontario, where a “polluter-pay” model is being considered to comply with stricter recycling and disposal guidelines that may force residents to pay an additional fee for waste.

The CBC reports and is airing an in-depth piece on our relationship with China and what this could mean in the future. It’s why your local governments might be going into panics over what to do with their waste now that it’s not being shipped overseas. As much as half of the entire globe’s waste was going to China until they said “enough” and forced the global waste markets into the current frenzy.

Diversion from landfills is a key imperative at JUSTJUNK. We donate, recycle and encourage repurposing of as much as we could to alleviate the stress on these already stressed waste management systems across the Country. We hope to keep this as a strong tenet of our service for many years to come.

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