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Junk Removers recover $40,000 buried in customer's home!

It can be hard to sell a home in April, and more difficult with the extraordinary cold that Calgary has been experiencing even into April. For one customer, the need to clean out the home of junk and appliances was the only thing on their mind. So, calling up our…

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A Day In the Life of A Junk Removal Professional!

At JUSTJUNK® our days can start early, and we often start our day before we even step foot in the truck to make sure we can provide the best pickup, removal and hauling services available to our customers everywhere.   1. Ensuring the safety of our team is JUSTJUNK®’s first…

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What CAN’T landfills take … and why?

Landfills all over Canada have different restrictions on what they can and cannot accept and have different reasons for doing so! Below are just some of the items most landfills will not accept. To find out more about what your local landfill can and cannot take, give them a call…

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What Is 'E-Waste'?

  What is E-waste? “E-waste” is a commonly used term in the new millennium, and fortunately JUSTJUNK® specializes in the proper removal and disposal of e-waste on our customer’s behalf through the city’s many private and public recycling program, often working with the Ontario Electronic Stewardship in Ontario, and Alberta’s…

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Our team will call 30 minutes prior to their arrival for your removal appointment.

We Remove Anything

We can remove virtually anything (except hazardous waste). Just point and we do the rest.

Recycle & Donate

We partner with local charities and recyclers to extend the life of your junk.

Licensed & Insured

Take comfort in the fact that we're 100% licensed and insured for junk removal. You're safe with us.

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