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Buck Rogers Board Game!

From the classic Sci-Fi series, this board game, “Buck Rogers Battle for the 25th Century,” is a great find from our team in Calgary. Originally released in 1988, the game is based on the TV series “Buck Rogers in the 25th Century” which ran from 1979-1981. Some say the show…

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Recycling Success!

JUSTJUNK® Recycling Services Success!   The recycling efforts of JUST JUNK can be seen here with these recent recycling certificates from Calgary, showing how we’ve saved nearly 4000 kg of “junk” from the landfill and pushed it towards eco-friendly recycling!

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What's the Story Here?

 What’s the story here? Can you guess?   Keep your eyes tuned to www.JunkDiary.com soon and find out!   In the mean time, stay tuned to our Facebook and Twitter pages.    

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JUSTJUNK® Social: A Taste of What's to Come.

JUSTJUNK’s Weird Discoveries   Not too long ago JUSTJUNK® took some of our finds and showed them across Canada. Here’s our own Gareth Roberts showing off some of the weirdest finds, including an old friend, Boney.       Keep your eyes open to our Facebook and Twitter pages for…

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New Year, New Junk!

  2013 is a new year for JUSTJUNK®, and we want to share it with you. Stay tuned for our upcoming blog at Junkdiary.com and keep up with the teams from JUSTJUNK® across North America. From coast to coast JUSTJUNK® remains your junk removal service! See what we’re up to,…

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