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What Is 'E-Waste'?

  What is E-waste? “E-waste” is a commonly used term in the new millennium, and fortunately JUSTJUNK® specializes in the proper removal and disposal of e-waste on our customer’s behalf through the city’s many private and public recycling program, often working with the Ontario Electronic Stewardship in Ontario, and Alberta’s…

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Junk (Removal) In Your Favourite TV Shows and Movies

At JUSTJUNK® we can’t help but notice junk in the media–it’s our lively-hood, after all!– and we thought we would share some of our findings with you.  Whether you are an avid Friends fanatic or a tremendous Transformers supporter – we’re confident you can relate to these junk related scenes…

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Why Go Pro?

Why Go Pro?    When hiring a professional junk removal company like JUST JUNK® you need to have the peace of mind in knowing that they are fully experienced, insured/bondable and they are only on your property when you are present–unless you have given them direct permission otherwise.   A…

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When a Stove Isn't a Stove--It's still Removal Made Easy!

It was nearing the end of a perfect summer day for our Ottawa truck. The last job notes read: “Stove for removal.” Great! A nice easy finish to a long day, something that will be done quickly and easily!” We arrived at the customer’s home. Taking little notice of the…

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Singer Sewing Machine with A Lot of History!

It’s not every day that we run into an item that is older than our grandparents. Needless to say the JUSTJUNK Vancouver team was more than a little bit surprised to find a classic sewing machine that dates back to 1903!   Just think about that, In 1903 Wilfrid Laurier…

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