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Keeping Canada Clean: Municipal Parks

Keeping Canada Clean: Municipal Parks Featured Image

The pond in Toronto’s Humber Bay Park had a shocking 118 kg of garbage fished out of it by local community members in August of 2018. The stunning amount of litter, consisting mostly of cigarette butts, plastic water and pop bottles and styrofoam amassed the 118 kg in only three…

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1976 Olympic Coins In Toronto

1976 Olympic Coins In Toronto Featured Image

Handed to us on a “silver platter”, these collectible Canadian and US coins were spotted on a job in Toronto. Our team noted that the owner might have misplaced them with the junk to go out – which happens more often than not in these situations – and asked if…

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The Most Canadian Junk We've Found

The Most Canadian Junk We've Found Featured Image

We find a lot of junk in our day-to-day, but we always take a moment when we find something that’s uniquely Canadian. It makes us appreciate Canada just a little bit more and think about it’s unique history. Every piece of “junk” that we find is a window into our…

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The Fight for Zero Waste in a Corporate World

The Fight for Zero Waste in a Corporate World Featured Image

A couple of days ago I received an email with an article from CBC about a ‘tone-deaf’ grocer that advised a customer – herself an avid environmentalist – to stop bringing in her own plastic containers to the store. Thinking herself to have bucked the trend and provided a more eco-conscious way…

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