Order Your JUSTJUNK® Invoice Books

As the JUSTJUNK® invoice books are highly customized, we recommend ordering from KKP St. Catharines.

Each invoice book comes with 40 invoice sets (each set = 1 full-colour original + 2 carbon copies). Invoice numbering is available – please ensure you include the number range with your order.


$21.25/book + HST & shipping

KKP St. Catharines has been provided PDF artwork for each franchise, which includes custom information such as franchise owner, franchise billing address and contact information, and HST no.

How To Order:
  • Email artwork@stcatharines.kkpcanada.ca
  • Include the following:
    • Product type – specify “Just Junk invoice books
    • Quantity (# of books)
    • Invoice number series (if required)
    • Your franchise
    • Shipping address
  • If it’s your first time ordering through KKP, simply provide your credit card information over the phone and ask that they keep it on file for future orders.