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Why Junk-Free Homes Sell Faster (at a higher list price)

Every realtor should consider using junk removal to speed up the sale, boost the price, and make their clients happy. 

As a realtor, you have 3 objectives:  sell properties quickly (turnover), sell properties at the highest possible value (commission), and make your client's move stress-free (happy clients = referrals).

Want an simple way to improve all three of these metrics?  Before they move, remove your client's unwanted junk.  

With reliable same day service, on-time removal, and professional staff, we make it an easy "win" for you.

1. Sell Faster


2. Higher List Price


3. Make Your Client Happier


Easier Home Staging 

With less clutter, it's easier to show off the available square footage and amplify a home's value. Prospective buyers can envision what their home could look like and can lead to quicker sales and happier sellers.

Maximize Curb Appeal 

Junk removal services don't just work inside the house, they can aid in the look of the outside as well. Show off the landscaping potential without unused landscaping bricks, scrap wood or half-finished projects.

Pre-and-Post Sale Junk Removal

Getting rid of junk is one of the most important things to do while preparing a house for sale, but with municipal garbage pickups becoming less frequent across the country, options for more immediate garbage pickups are a key feature of any home staging effort. What about things left behind by previous homeowners or tenants? Junk removal services are available for any stage of the homeowner or tenancy process.

Choose A Reliable Junk Remover

JUSTJUNK®'s Brand Promises mean that as a Realtor you can rely on our professionalism to keep your clients on schedule without worrying.

Professional Staff

Our insured removal specialists provided professional customer service with integrity.

Same Day Removal

When moving, timing is everything. Get peace of mind knowing your client's junk can be removed quickly.

Upfront Pricing

Unlike other removers with their hidden fees, our pricing is 100% upfront and all-inclusive.

Recycle & Donate

If your client's items still have life, we'll take them to the nearest charity or recycling depot.

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