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Start a Franchise

This is one opportunity you are not going to want to throw away.

Start a Franchise

This is one opportunity you are not going to want to throw away.

At JUSTJUNK®, we have years of experience when it comes to helping people like you begin a franchise. Planning, supporting and coaching is what we do best!

You can rely on us for the tools and the guidance to make the process as smooth and problem free as possible. There is no greater reward than watching our franchise partners succeed and we are there every step of the way.

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Junk is a beautiful thing.

National Brand

Take advantage of the power of a coast-to-coast franchise network.

Central Sales Centre

Our experienced, professional associates handle all your calls, so you can focus on growing your operation.


We are winners of multiple Canadian Franchise Association awards.

Proven Success

With a booming industry and a refined operating system, our franchise partners have experienced growth every year.

Media Exposure

Expose your brand in the media at a fraction of the normal cost with our national advertising fund.

Low Risk, High Return

This business has huge revenue potential and requires minimal startup capital. All you need to do is put in the work! 

Not convinced?
See what our franchise partners are saying:

Mark Page

Owner, Brampton

Just Junk's incredible support team has been a huge advantage in starting up my business.  I can actually focus on the day-to-day and provide the amazing service customers expect from us. Thank you!

Donald Freeman

Owner, Hamilton

Everyone involved in this business is incredibly excited that we're on the ground floor of something that is growing very rapidly.

Gareth Roberts

Owner, Toronto North

We are much more than a team of people who haul junk.  Our vision is to become the largest and most trusted removal company in Canada.

Mike & Deb Darbyshire

Owners, Calgary

It's been truly special to be part of a rapidly growing business that serves such delightful customers and enables us to contribute to ensuring our footprint for the environment is reduced with our in-house recycling program.  No two days are alike, which is part of what makes this business so exciting!  We love Just Junk.

Tom Dickson

Owner, Toronto South

This franchise has given me the freedom to be my own boss and chart my own destiny.  And the growth has been incredible.  If you can get into the junk removal business with Just Junk...take the opportunity and don't look back.

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