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Dino-Score! JUST JUNK Calgary Finds Thousands of Fossils! Featured Image

Dino-Score! JUST JUNK Calgary Finds Thousands of Fossils!

JUST JUNK owner Mike Darbyshire isn’t a paleontologist, but some people could describe junk removal as a study of our societies future history and antiques. Sometimes, though, we find antiques that are pretty notable. Other times we find something truly historic.

In Mike’s case, he and his team from Calgary, while in the middle of an estate clean out, found boxes upon boxes of dinosaur fossils.

Of course, with a find like this, we get on the line to the news outlets, because we love sharing finds like this with everyone.

The fossils range from dinosaur bones to fossilized insect imprints and petrified wood – fossilized vegetation, or as its name suggests, wood that has turned to stone – are going to be donated to the Royal Tyrrell Museum in Drumheller, Alberta as they are a likely significant find for Alberta’s heritage.

Mike channelled his inner Indiana Jones when talking to the Calgary Herald for the story, saying “[the fossils are] the heritage of Alberta and it belongs where it should be, which is in a museum.”

You can read the full story at the Herald, and see the clips from CTV and the Calgary Sun, who also met with us, once those come in!


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