Recycling Across Canada: What's Changing in 2017 | JUSTJUNK® Featured Image

Recycling Across Canada: What's Changing in 2017 | JUSTJUNK®

In Canada we have always worked to be ‘green’. We learned it in school, we helped out parents and taught our children! Recycle, reduce, re-use! And it’s been working! Every year we become more and more eco-conscious. Across the country, provinces are independently putting more focus on recycling as many materials as possible, separating and restricting items that normally end up in a landfill. Here at JUSTJUNK, we are no different as we work with the municipalities and are being met with these changes every day. We take pride in being as eco-friendly as possible!

Each province has ever changing guidelines with a similar goal – get to zero waste! Check out what is happening below!

British Columbia

Year over year, changes are implemented to ensure that recycling is handled as efficiently as possible. Just one example is plastic. We used to look at the number in the recycling triangle to determine if it can be recycled. Plastics are no longer determined recyclable with numbered resin codes (usually 1 through 7). The city of Vancouver has a helpful tool to make sure that your items are recyclable! Making it easier for everyone! Just enter the item and find out!


Manitoba has an entire page dedicated to helping residents find the most eco friendly solutions! From tires, to household waste and more! Manitoba is dedicated to keeping hazardous waste out of landfills and disposed of responsibly! Have a look at your handy A-Z guide!


Alberta has seen some changes in 2017! A big step is that business and organization are now required to ensure that food and yard waste are diverted away from local landfills and disposed of responsibly. In the coming years, food and yard waste will need to be separated and paper and cardboard won’t be allowed in the landfills at all, a project which is seeing it’s start this year! Here is a great list of items that do need to be diverted for businesses
Small steps taken year over year, will make Alberta greener for everyone!


Ontario is planning a total revamp of waste handling, and looking to build a ‘Circular Economy’, in what is the start of a process to cut down on 80% of waste in the coming years. Announced in December 2016 just in time for the New Year, it will encompass all items from appliances, electrical tools, batteries, fluorescent bulbs, mattresses, clothing, and furniture! You can read more about this exciting plan!

Nova Scotia

‘Grasscycling’ is encouraged more than ever! Be sure to leave those clippings out on your lawn, and use them as mulch! It’s free and provides great nutrients during growing season! Halifax even has a helpful app to help you know what goes where!

Even though changes are implemented differently across the country we all want a greener future! Make it simple! JUSTJUNK can help with you! We look to donate or recycle up to 60% of the items we receive. Unsure about recycling restrictions? Don’t have time to understand what goes where!? We are the experts and we can handle it for you! Call a friendly representative and book your free, on-site, no obligation estimate today! 1-888-586-5888 or book a quick and easy removal online!


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