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Paper Pickup with JUSTJUNK!


Paper is such an amazing material! Capable of storing thousands of pieces of information and used by everyone everyday! But the question is: what do you do with too much used paper? Have JUSTJUNK come by for paper pickup! We want you to feel as clear in your head as a fresh, new piece of paper!


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How it Works


Whether you have boxes upon boxes of paper, or just a small amount, JUSTJUNK does all the lifting, loading and paper removal for you - just point to the stack you don't want to look at anymore and we'll do the rest!


Pricing is based simply on the amount of space your paper (and other items) take up in our truck. Because of how we price, determining the proper price for your specific paper removal will be done by our skilled, trained and fully insured truck team who will provide you with a free, no obligation quote once they see what you have. If you're happy with the price at that time, we are happy to do your paper disposal at the same time - no re-booking required!


Paper Removal

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For any paper pickup, JUSTJUNK is here to help with our speedy same or next day service! Within minutes that paper can be gone! Book online today!


If you need any further assistance, please call any of the members of the JUSTJUNK team today at 1-888-586-5888. We're happy to answer any questions you may have!

Recycling Services!


JUSTJUNK is an industry leader in our donation and recycling services. We are proud to say we keep approximately 60% of the waste we collect out of the landfills! Since paper is top of the list of recyclable items, we of course offer complete paper recycling to all our customers and by working with local charities and professional recycling facilities JUSTJUNK ensures paper recycling is a quick and easy process with the highest benefit to the environment!


Paper Recycling

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  • Paper Recycling

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Customer Reviews

  • You and your team removed the debris from my attic. The service was excellent. You were prompt, courteous, efficient and very reasonable. I would highly recommend your company.

  • Excellent job - the guys arrived right on time at the beginning of our two-hour window, were very friendly and helpful, loaded the truck extremely quickly and efficiently and even helped me by moving a couple of large furniture pieces around that I asked for. It was a big relief to be rid of the stuff so easily and so fast. Certainly I will use your company again.

  • Excellent service. Crew arrived on time, were courteous and very helpful. They picked up what we needed to have removed and then cleaned up everything once the truck was loaded. Two great ambassadors for your company. Thanks for the wonderful service and the cost was very reasonable as well. Best Regards.

  • The guys were friendly, very polite, they shook my hand and were very professional! I would call Just Junk again for anything else I need removed and definitely refer this company to friends and family. I really appreciate the call before hand.

  • I have used other junk removal companies in the past, and must say that I was quite impressed. The young men who removed the junk were professional and courteous. They arrived when they said they would, and I really appreciated the fact they swept afterward and left the site clean. I will definitely recommend your company to others.

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